A new reward program for Orange Dolphin, Butterfly and Panther loyal customers 03.10.2013

A new reward program for Orange Dolphin, Butterfly and Panther loyal customers

Today Orange announced new good surprises for its loyal customers. Those Dolphin, Butterfly or Panther subscribers who ended their 12 or 24 months commitment will receive 10% of their monthly fee in the form of loyalty Orange Merci points which they can use to exchange with minutes, SMS and megabytes bundles. The first set of points will be allocated at the beginning of November and then – every following month. Customers do not need to do anything in order to get Orange “thank you” points, but only to continue using the Orange services.

Moreover, those Orange Dolphin, Butterfly or Panther customers who have finished their 12 or 24 month commitment, will be able to choose to prolong their subscription for a new period of 12 or 24 months. In that case, instead of getting “loyalty” Orange Merci points, they will have the possibility to acquire a new handset with a special price.

«Two years ago Orange brought a new innovative concept on the market: its Animal monthly subscriptions with handset at an exclusive price. Today we are introducing a new innovation in the domain of rewarding loyal customers. We are happy to bring a new pleasant surprise to our existing customers two days after having added a lot of minutes, SMS and data in their monthly allowances. Now our customers have the confirmation that the longer they stay with Orange, the more they get benefits», noted Francis Gelibter, Orange Armenia CEO.  

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